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YES, Coupons in the Digital Age!

Customers are always excited to grab a deal. Brands often try to win over customers by offering print-based discount offers. This includes coupons to sell products in newspapers and magazines. With consumers trying to get information online, they expect businesses to shift and come up with digital marketing strategies. If you have been out of the loop, consumers look for exciting saving opportunities while purchasing online too.  As a result, businesses are trying to reach out to customers through different deals.

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Coupon Codes

Unlike shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, online customers need a way to exchange a coupon virtually, since they can’t present a paper coupon at an online checkout. It is here that “coupon codes” can come in handy, which can be pasted into the relevant field before finally entering the payment details.

Many coupon sites have come up so customers can share coupon codes with anyone visiting the site, though not all brands are happy with the public sharing of coupon codes. But realistically speaking, they can work as great allies.

Online customers looking for such deals frequently look for coupon codes in these sites so they can get their hands on a great deal. It is a great idea to create a generic coupon code that has a long expiration date, so it is possible for customers to share online, though you may want to make deals for customers more lucrative, which can be grabbed within a short timeline.

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Deal Sites

With about 81% of customers searching the web before making a purchase, a business that chooses to be invisible online cannot compete with those that have already marked their presence in the Internet world. It is critically important that deals are clearly visible on retailer websites as well as deal sites which are frequented by customers. Savvy coupon users frequently visit some of the most popular deal sites, so they don’t lose out on any deal.

However, not all deal sites are worthy of posting coupon codes. So you must look for deal sites with a huge follower base and where major brands post deals regularly. Some of these sites allow subscription for customers so they can regularly receive deals in their email inboxes or even through notifications using their App. Listing yourself on deal sites is just the beginning. It is important to ensure that your coupon codes remain fresh and active to avoid being removed for inactivity.

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Loyalty Cards

Does the value of loyalty cards remain limited to offering money-saving deals to customers? Well, there is much more to loyalty cards than attracting customers. You can collect data on each customer’s purchasing decisions and habits. The data can then be used to make informed business decisions.

Additionally, loyalty cards are lucrative enough for customers to stay connected with your brand, thus helping generate incentive for them to prefer you to the competition. Apart from this, having a points-based reward system is another lucrative deal to keep customers attracted to your business.

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Group Coupon Sites

Another way to get exposure is by enticing a few customers to buy into a deal even before it is announced publicly. Considering themselves lucky, those customers, share the offer with their friends on social media, thus boosting the company’s exposure.

However, a majority of brands aren’t too happy with group coupon sites, complaining that they fail to generate repeat business. It is true to some extent, especially when a customer participates only to benefit from the deal. As a result, the business often experiences accumulative loss or rarely sees a profit from the specific sale.

Nevertheless, a brand may want to use group coupon sites to introduce your business to a wider audience, while ensuring that your deal helps you make some profit.

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Bottom Line

All in all, coupons promise to be a great way to reach out to potential customers, whether you have a local presence or are an online business. It would help to learn about each option and select the one that best fits your goals.


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