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USB Flash Drive Duplication

USB Flash Drive Duplication for Marketing Your Business


USB Flash DriveA USB Flash drive is a data storage device that stores data on flash memory and has an integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface to plug into computers. Storage space ranges from 1GB to 1 TB as of 2014.

  • They typically weigh less than 30 grams or about 1 oz and come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • USB Flash drives can be used to store data that can be deleted and rewritten over and over again for as much as 100,000 times.
  • Some have software and/or hardware encryption available for storing sensitive data.
  • Its a great way to store and takeaway data.


USB Flash Drive Duplication for promoting your business

Corporate branded usb flash drives for promotional use.



USB Flash Drive Duplication for Corporate Data Transfer


USB Flash Drive DuplicationUSB flash drive duplication can be used for businesses that constantly need to pass on information to their clients or customers. We can load your marketing pitch, videos, brochures, samples or reports, as well as instruction manuals, special notices, safety or compliance and regulatory information for certain industries. The whole process of USB flash drive duplication and printing takes a matter of days and you can choose from among thousands of designs, colors, shapes, sizes and capacities. Your corporate logo, web address, or any public service announcement can be printed on the USB flash drive to create a unique product for your marketing purposes.


Using our Creative Services division, we can design artwork, print and package your USB flash drive and then deliver directly to your customers using our Fulfillment services division at Xipix Global.


Advantages of USB Flash Drives as Corporate Gifts:Reduce Reuse Recycle

      • USB flash drives project a sophisticated corporate image when used for instruction manuals, safety and compliance notices.
      • A secure and safe way to distribute corporate or regulatory and compliance information to your employees, clients, vendors and customers.
      • They are Environmentally Friendly image when given as corporate gifts. A USB flash drive can be used over and over again in line with the Reuse and Recycle Environmentally Friendly campaigns.
      • Various storage capacities available to suit different budgets.
      • Many colors, shapes, and styles available to fit all industries.
      • Branding options such as printing and laser engraving.



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