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CD Duplication & Replication

CDI Media Provides Full Service CD Duplication and ReplicationCDI Media CD Duplication Replication Package.

Our state of the art manufacturing facility is equipped with the most advanced and efficient duplication and replication technology, silk screen and offset printers, and automated packaging equipment.

Below are some questions that we receive from people new to the CD Duplication Replication Industry.

What is the minimum order for CD Duplication?

CD Duplication is for small runs of less than 1000 CDs.

What is the minimum order for CD Replication?

Generally CD Replication is for large runs of more than 1000 CDs. That is where it is most cost effective.

How can my small project benefit from your CD Duplication Replication services?

We are equipped to handle all small and large CD duplication and replication projects. We understand that different industries have different needs and the amount of CDs Replicated or Duplicated can be small or large. We try to accommodate all of our client’s needs and pass on savings from our Bulk CD Purchasing Discounts to our clients. Therefore, all small or large CD duplication and CD replication projects will benefit from our services.

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Different Types of CD Media

Data & Audio CD

  • Most common optical disc.  Compatible with most computers.
  • Stores data, audio, video or combination of all three.
  • Services include pre-mastering, mastering, replication, printing and packaging.


  • The most affordable solution for data, audio and video.
  • Available in bundles or packages of any quantity.
  • Extremely quick turn around time on small quantities available.
  • Every CDI Media CD-R meets Orange Book (part III) specifications and passes a series of internal inspections and tests to satisfy individual customer requirements.


Protect Your Investment

With consumer piracy reaching an all-time high, CDI Media understands how important protecting your investment really is. That’s why we’ve developed a new process that integrates copy protection into the CD during creation of the disc. This process prevents the illegal copying of your discs and protects your revenues.


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