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Prepare for eCommerce Marketing in 2017 Today.


Irrespective of your baggage of frustrations from 2016, the New Year can always be a New Start. It is time to start preparing for eCommerce marketing for 2017. What is it that you failed to accomplish in 2016? What do you plan to achieve in the New Year? Focus holds the key to starting afresh for a successful year ahead. It is in your best interest to focus on one thing at a time instead of putting all your eggs in one basket and trying to everything right.


So what is this one thing?

New business generation is undoubtedly the one thing you ought to focus on now to improve eCommerce revenue and sales leads.

As a small business, you might want to start focusing on brand building, brand awareness, brand loyalty, reputation building, and customer engagement in the New Year. This promises to bring you a good share of profitable revenue.

Starting 2017, you can evaluate new business generation marketing performance accurately, so by the end of the year, you will have accurate reports on spending and investment

You can test different offers, prices, and marketing channels, among other variables, in order to review marketing campaigns throughout the next year.

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Goal Setting

Set goals for new business generation and determine what budget should be allocated for marketing campaigns. It’s important to consider the lifetime value of each customer, which gives you an estimate as to how much you can earn from an average customer.

When it comes to creating a planning framework, determine how many new customers you plan to attract from the 2017 marketing campaigns.

It’s important to be realistic when establishing new customer goal. If you are unsure about the number of new customers attracted to your eCommerce marketing campaign, it is always rational to begin with a modest goal. When your marketing seems working, you can always increase it.

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Planning 2017 Campaigns

With a clear goal of new business generation, review the year that has just gone by and deal with your new marketing campaigns. You may struggle with a few questions, but it is important to find solutions.

Here are a few common questions marketers struggle with:

  • We aren’t getting new business in social media despite being able to engage audience. Is it time we quit social media marketing? Or do we need to modify content to convert leads?
  • We are drawing traffic from our SEO campaign, but do not have enough leads coming through our site. Is it time we reworked on our keyword research and identify longtail keywords and terms with high conversion potential?
  • We have happy subscribers to our email campaign and now plan to maximize its potential. Should we offer special deals that cannot be rejected?

Quarterly reviews and assessments can help you refine your ecommerce marketing campaign and to try out new approaches. It is in your best interest to tweak your existing campaigns and track them closely before scraping them once and for all.

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How To Get Marketing Success in 2017.

In order to have a successful eCommerce marketing campaign, consider the following:

  • Track the marketing sources of form submissions and phone inquiries. This should give you an idea as to which campaign generated the lead.
  • Identify genuine leads from non-leads. Remember, not all leads are genuine sales leads.
  • Track marketing leads throughout the sales process, especially if you have a long sell cycle for an accurate evaluation.

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Bottom Line

Play your eCommerce marketing cards right for the New Year, so you can achieve your goals that directly affect your bottom line.


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