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Important Questions to Ask Before a Brand Overhaul.


Before you start with a brand overhaul, it is important to pay attention to a few things. What do you want out of a redesign? How can you navigate through the logistics and design process of it all?


1. Are there any specific qualities you like about your current brand?

When you are thinking about a redesign of your brand, you don’t necessarily want a complete overhaul. Of course, nobody would wants to completely let go of what they’ve already built. Think about any specific areas of the current brand that you would like to keep. Or are there any areas that require a slight update?

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2. What do you not like about the current brand?

Figuring out what you are completely unhappy about with your brand design is critical. This will give you an idea as to what your focus should be on.


3. What is your brand story?

Spend some time learning about your brand story or rather history. This should give you enough information about your objectives and driving force. When you are familiar with the original, you can go ahead with your spin on it. You may want to determine the specific qualities of brands your admire or even competitors’ brands. This should help your team build an informed vision. It helps to learn about any descriptive term that characterizes your brand, so you can better present your brands in terms of aesthetics.

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4. What are your long-term brand aspirations?

This is one of the most crucial questions when it comes to brand redesign. Ask yourself (or your team) about your expectations from your business in the coming 10 years. This should give you a feel for the direction you may wish to take your brand.


5. Who is your target audience?

When redesigning a brand, it would help to keep your target audience in mind. In order to make a rocking brand design, you want to understand your ideal customer persona. Besides, an understanding of your customers’ pain points can give you an idea as to how you may want to position your brand.

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6. Who is the competition?

It is of utmost importance to learn about your direct competitors. You may want to research and define your competition so that you can approach your branding and marketing efforts similarly or differently. It would also help to get an insight into your products’ or services’ unique selling proposition that makes your brand unique and different from your competition.


7. Plan out your expected deliverables’ timeline.

Who is the key decision maker on your brand overhaul team – especially the person in charge of approving the entire process? You would want to keep everyone in the loop regarding the process, ensuring nothing goes wrong at any stage. Discuss the tangible products in the initial stages to make sure you are on the same page and there are no misunderstandings. If you are a one-person operation, you may want to get some help from third parties.

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Bottom Line

Set a realistic timeline, for branding is a massive undertaking that requires a good amount of time, understanding, and research. Be clear about the your branding expectations and any time limitations, so there aren’t any upsetting delays.


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