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Get eCommerce Personalization Done Right!


Consumers prefer to buy from retailers that offer them a personalized experience. When it comes to eCommerce personalization, what should retailers do for greatest impact? Statistics reveal that 75% of consumers prefer to choose retailers that personalize user experience.

Alternatively, 24 out of 25 retailers see personalization as a top priority for 2017.



User preferences

Can you accurately predict what products your shoppers want personalized right away? It might help to leverage search and recommendation technology to understand preferences of customers. Use sophisticated technology to recognize preferences based on size or gender. This should help you show them relevant products when they are in a mood to buy.

Your customers may be looking for products that they can gift to others. It may be a big mistake to focus only their past purchasing behavior, though you may need their past preferences to create a personalized experience.

But it is important to be careful not to go overboard with it. You don’t want to act like a big brother when it comes to making recommendations. Use their past shopping data to create a great experience.

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Grab attention via search engines, ads, online marketing

When it comes to offering a great eCommerce personalized experience, you want to use customized product banners to grab eyeballs. Your main purpose is to draw attention of customers to products relevant to their searches. 73% of consumers that have tried social buy buttons are willing to do so again.

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Draw a line between loyal customers and first-time buyers

Existing customers have been there with you for a long time. It is in your best interest to offer them much more than you offer first-time buyers. To improve user experience of loyal customers, you may want to show them items they might be interested in.

For new customers, it is a great strategy to show only those items they are looking for.

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Use information from shoppers

You don’t want to frustrate shoppers by showing them irrelevant products that they haven’t asked for. It would help to use their search data to display product lists they are looking for. For example, if they are looking for brown shoes, displaying products in different colors is likely to frustrate them.

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Coordinate personalization solutions

Your customers are everywhere, both in mobile and desktop, when they make purchases. They may choose to purchase from mobile once and on desktop another time. Coordinate your personalization tools across different channels, including email, mobile, desktop, or kiosks, and offer them a consistent user experience everywhere.

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Provide relevant content

Your product pages should display relevant content across all channels to facilitate decision making of shoppers. It might help to display product reviews, multimedia, how-to-videos, etc.

Show them you know what they want. Consumers are least interested in retailers knowing their name; rather, they are more focused on getting their hands on the products they are looking for. So offering them relevant information and product should be on top of your eCommerce personalization strategy.

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This is an important step in the online retail business. When it comes to cross- selling, make sure you can do it perfectly. Remember, customers appreciate good recommendations based on their personal preferences. It may be a good idea to include trending relevant products as well in the search results.

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Bottom Line

Wrong recommendations can kill your customer’s loyalty toward your business. On the other hand, with the right personalization technology, you can boost sales revenue dramatically.


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