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Customer Service Contact Center

Customer Service Contact Center

Managing the customer interaction is a key ingredient in earning repeat business.  The CDI Contact Center team understands this well.  We manage customer interactions via phone, email and live chat to provide an exceptional customer service experience regardless of the channel they choose.  We want every interaction your customers have with us to leave them smiling.

The Contact Center Process

We either use an existing 800 number or we request a new vanity number (yours to keep) that will be forwarded to our fulfillment call center.  We also handle your mail and email inquiries.

You give us the guidelines and rules to handle your customer support including return policy, discount/bulk order policy and back orders policy.  At the end of the month we charge just for the call center time used and we send you usage and incident reports.

Because we store and ship your merchandise we are your ideal partner if you want to outsource your call center and customer support services.  We understand your product, we have all the order/shipment answers for your customers and we have a great team that will handle every one of your calls with a positive and energetic attitude.


Call Center Process


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