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Swift and Accurate Shipping

We Ship Swiftly and Accurately

We provide our clients industry best practices without the capital commitments and time delays associated with developing an in-house fulfillment solution.  The way products are delivered to a customer can make all the difference to the profit picture.  Even the most successful offers and promotions from your best marketing efforts can be damaged by slow or incorrect fulfillment.

Facilitate Sales

Our order fulfillment systems are scalable to handle 1 to 100,000 orders per month with the ability to manage multi-channel distribution and continuity (monthly recurring) orders.

Reduce Shipping Costs

We offer discounts on FedEx, UPS freight and ground.  Our fulfillment warehouse is strategically located at the gateway to the nation’s distribution channels providing lower cost nationwide shipping.  This means your shipments can reach the majority of the U.S. population within 1-3 business days.  We automatically select the most cost-effective carrier at your desired service level, whether you’re looking for guaranteed or effective delivery times.

Process and Ship Orders Same Day

All orders received by 10:00 am (MST) are picked, packed and shipped the same day.  Click here to see delivery time map.

news1_12_2007Quality Control

As a competitor in the global market, CDI is proud to be ISO 9001:2008 certified.  This assures you that we have the systems and procedures in place that directly impact the quality, efficiency and accuracy of our services.  We are currently at a 99.6% accuracy rate.

Expedited Delivery

You can choose from FedEx, UPS, USPS, overnight, 2nd day, 3rd day, ground, priority mail, 1st class, book rate, etc.  All this with up to a 30% in discounts.

International Shipping

We can help take you global by providing customs paperwork completion for fast and cost effective international shipments.


Watch our video on the pick, pack and ship process.


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Xipix GlobalXipix Media is the Media Manufacturing Department of Xipix Global which is a 3PL Order Fulfillment specialist. For more information on Xipix Global, click here.