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Process Automation

Fulfill orders faster—and have happier customers—with a seamless business process from receiving to order processing to fulfillment.

Address Verification

Our software verifies and fixes addresses to make sure orders are delivered properly, and on time, drastically reducing the cost of undeliverable packages.



Shopping Cart Integration

We can integrate with virtually any shopping cart.  Our system is ready already integrated to handle orders from most shopping carts.   We can provide you with a state of the art shopping cart with all the bells and whistles that is totally integrated.  We can also receive your order information via any EDI format.



Credit Card Processing

We can process your credit card orders for you, securely from your website.




Customer Notifications

Reduce support costs with automated customer notifications emails.  Thank them for the order, confirm shipping dates, provide tracking numbers, and include promotional ads and links to your website.




Returns Management (Reverse Logistics)

When received, returned products are examined and the disposition and condition can be entered directly against the customers account to suspend billing and provide detailed analysis of return reasons. Products are then examined for resale and restocking. The conditions for restocking are all set in conjunction with the client.



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Xipix GlobalXipix Media is the Media Manufacturing Department of Xipix Global which is a 3PL Order Fulfillment specialist. For more information on Xipix Global, click here.