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 The Amazon Auto Industry Disruption.


The Amazon Auto Industry Disruption.


Amazon Vehicles is a vehicle research tool with information, images, reviews, and specifications about cars and automotive community. Users can find reviews of many used, classic, and new cars and ask car-related questions or give reviews of other owned vehicles. Users can view details of both old and new cars.

Amazon is the undisputed leader in online shopping, though its new auto portal is not designed for vehicle purchases. Amazon Vehicles is a new step on the part of the eCommerce giant that Amazon plans to enter the car sales field.

Like all other Amazon products, buyers can write reviews and each vehicle also has a Question and Answer (Q&A) section. Many customers use the Q&A section to find out information that only someone who bought a particular vehicle would know. You can search for vehicles using many parameters like body type, year, interior, color, MPG, and standard and optional features. The search an Q&A make Amazon Vehicles the most comprehensive site when you’re researching cars. You can’t order a car just yet, but you can do plenty of research.

Though the web portal is just a research tool, it does have the potential to be much more as Amazon has s huge user base. Is Amazon Vehicles a symbol of the times to come? Can we expect something big from the Amazon Vehicles for the auto industry? As of now, there’s not yet any revenue source for the eCommerce giant, but the possibilities for a major auto industry disruption are there.

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Can Amazon Shake Up the Auto Industry?

TrueCar is a leader in the online auto industry. It is an automotive pricing portal that matches car shoppers with dealers that have given their nod to a price that cannot be negotiated.

In the wake of Amazon’s announcement, TrueCar’s shares dropped. TrueCar investors are apprehensive of Amazon’s scale, huge user base, and marketing expanse. With Amazon being one of the world’s most visited sites, there are concerns that TrueCar might lose out to the eCommerce giant. If such a battle ensues, it is expected to be a short one. Amazon enjoys a huge market presence and could battle aggressively on price, which could be the death knell for TrueCar. As a result, Amazon could make choice difficult for dealers.

It would definitely be a boon for consumers. Since Amazon has brought about a huge transformation in the world of traditional retailers, it is poised to do the same for the automotive market. Who does not want to find a car for a decent price, with no haggling required and with all the product information at your fingertips?

Amazon has a huge customer base. What if the eCommerce giant were to compel dealers to sell at established prices to its customers? Chances are it could become a hugely popular platform for consumers.

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Bottom Line

The Amazon vehicles platform could change the way cars are bought and sold. It remains to be seen what the future holds for the Amazon auto industry! Let’s wait and watch things unfold!


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