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A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising.

Looking for ways to expand your organic reach, boost engagement, and improve conversions? Well, Facebook advertising can come to your rescue. However, it is important to understand how you can harness the potential of the social network platform to grow your business without hurting your budget.

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What is Facebook Advertising?

This feature allows you to place custom content or ads for a specific audience. The cost of advertising in Facebook varies, depending on its reach and engagement.  Ads can appear in the News Feed of desktop users or the right column of Facebook. For mobile users, these ads can appear in the News Feed.

With advertising opportunity on Facebook, you have the opportunity to gain insight into the behavior of your audience, including existing and potential customers. You can leverage the data and analytics collected through ads to see how you can improve advertising targeting.

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Best Practices

Purpose of advertising: Before you plan your advertising budgetary expenditure, determine the purpose of your Facebook ad. Do you want to improve conversions, raise brand awareness, or increase video views? Since each action on advertising costs money, you may want to ensure that you are clear with your objectives before making investment.

Be specific about ad placement:  There are hundreds of thousands of data points in Facebook. Make sure you research well about your audience targeting so your ads are placed exactly where target audience can easily see it.

Regularly rotate ads: Regular rotation of Facebook ads every 3-5 days ensures that the same ad doesn’t appear everywhere. If an ad appears too many times, people tend to get bored of it and your click-through rate will fall. Facebook has a policy to penalize brands if your click-through rate starts to drop. As a result, the cost per click (CPC) gets more expensive, impacting your acquisition and engagement campaigns.

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Important Steps for Facebook Advertising:


1. Create a business page

Choose an appropriate category for your Facebook business page. This is the right way to describe the nature of your business to potential customers, helping them easily find your page on the platform. Category is the first thing a visitor to your Facebook business page sees.  Complete all the details on your page and create a strategy for the same to attract audience.


2. Set up advertising goals

When setting up advertising goals, you should focus on specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based goals for a better ROI. The right goal will guide your ad strategy, so you may choose the best type of ad.


3. Decide a campaign objective

Click on the Facebook Ads manager to choose an objective for your ad campaign from the drop-down menu. Facebook gives you a long list of objectives to choose from.

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4. Choose your target audience

Facebook allows you to target ads based on gender, age, demography, language, location, behavior, and interests. There is another option to customize your settings and create custom audiences to easily reach out people who know your business. Or you may customize settings to remove a few names from your existing audience list in order to reach new people.

You want to make sure that your ad is efficient, so plan how much you wish to spend on your Facebook advertising. This should be the maximum amount you would like to spend, be it on everyday basis or for a lifetime.

What do you wish to bid for: clicks or impressions? It is important to choose bid for an objective, making it clear how you will pay and who your target audience is.

There is an option to schedule your ads. Under the lifetime budget option, you may need to choose specific hours and days per week to run your ad. An advertising time schedule is the most efficient way to wisely spend your budget.


5. Choose the ad format

It is easy to choose how you want your ad to appear on Facebook. You can customize your ad by choosing headline, images, text, and placement. A typical Facebook ad can have 5 images and 25-character title. However, your ad will accompany a post, which should be 90-character long and must be intriguing enough to invite a click.

Where do you want ad to appear – on mobile or desktop news feed, audience network, or right column.


6. Place your order

Finally, place your order when you’re ready by clicking on the green button with a caption, “Place Order.” Facebook should send you an email after reviewing and approving your ad.

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7. Create report

Once you have decided how to go about Facebook advertising, it may help t create a report on the success of your ads. Check this page on Facebook. Then click Reports in the Ads Manager. This will display data from the default report for the last 30 days. You may want to customize the metrics. Download the report by clicking on the Export tab in the top right column.


Bottom Line

Getting started with Facebook advertising is a breeze, and the results can be wonderful even on a low budget .


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