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10 Tips to Optimize Exit Popups for Maximum Conversions.


Do you know an exit popup is your last chance to engage readers before they move on to another competitor’s website? Popups offer you the last opportunity to hook leads onto your site by making a special offer or inviting them to subscribe to your newsletter. With a well-designed exit popup, you can get maximum conversions and reach your goals.


What Are Exit Popups?

Exit Popups are popup windows that appear when a visitor is about to exit your website. Typically you may include a message or a call to action to entice a visitor before they leave your site. You may include images or videos to improve your website performance.

  • Sales and Promotions

Harness the power of exit popup as a last ditch effort to sell a product or service. Add a more compelling message to your marketing copy to sweeten the deal.

  • Lead Collection

Use an exit popup to invite subscribers to your newsletter. You may ask them to subscribe to get a free 10 Tips Newsletter or something similar for your niche.

  • Warnings

Use exit popups to inform visitors about the negative consequences of clicking away. You may warn them that exiting the site at this moment could amount to emptying their shopping cart. This tactic should be used to persuade some exit-bound visitors to stay and complete their purchase. Offer them a 10% discount or free shipping if they don’t exit but complete their checkout.

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Here are a few ways to Optimize Exit Popups and get the most out of them:


Who is Your Audience?

Spend some time to understand your audience by digging deeper into your website’s analytics data. What does your audience want? Include offers aligned with your information about your audience. Make sure your call to action is easy for visitors to locate and click.


Keep Branding Consistent

The design of your exit popup should be consistent with your site’s branding, so that it resonates with the audience in the way your brand does.

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Grab Attention

You want to grab eyeballs with an exit popup, so visitors do not leave your website before finalizing a deal. The design should be eye-catching, with dazzling images, animations, or large bold copy. They suddenly appear in the middle when the visitor is about to exit the page, overlaying the entire page.


Tweak Popup Behavior

Use high-quality popup plugins to adapt popup behavior to fit your business and audience. If possible, display one kind of popup to new visitors and another one to subscribers.

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Offer a Freebie/ Discount

A freebie or discount can wow the visitor to think again before exiting your cart. Craft your exit popup to boost the sale and avoid shopping cart abandonment. You could offer a discount, gift, subscriber-only content, or anything that is relevant and entices them, so you can get maximum conversions.


Highlight Your CTA Button

It is the CTA (Call To Action) button where you want to bring visitors and entice them to click. Does your CTA button pop? You could use an animation or contrasting color to highlight your CTA button and optimize button text to maximize persuasiveness. Get a little playful or funny with your CTA button.

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Create a Sense of Urgency

Your ultimate aim is to attract attention and prompt visitors to take action. The best tactic is to create a sense of urgency or scarcity or include a limited-time offer so visitors are tempted into taking immediate action. You could list the number of products left to imply scarcity.


Use Numbers

When you want to make the last-ditch effort to get your point across, an exit popup is your best chance before the visitor exits the website. It may help to include relevant statistics, quantifiable values, and guaranteed results to make the most of the little space on the popup window, so you can get maximum conversions.

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Send a Reminder

If a visitor has items in their shopping cart and seems to be making an exit, without making a purchase, you could use an exit popup as a reminder that there are items in their cart. You could even remind them that they would lose any information that they may have entered in the form upon exiting. It is in your best interest to use attention-grabbing words, including “Wait!”, “Hold on!” to create a sense of urgency.


Suggest Related Products/Posts

With a goal to reduce your bounce rate, it could help to optimize exit pop to advertise related posts or products and catch visitors’ attention so that they stay. You could do so by displaying popular posts or products that send out a message to new visitors that the content is worth checking out.

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Bottom Line

You must use this last ditch effort within the exit popup in order to convert your site visitor to your end goal of getting a new subscriber, lead or selling your product. That is your last chance before they go away to anotehr website. Make it Count!


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